New Growth through Change

Change isn't always easy, and it's worth it.
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Welcome growth hands forming heart through sunshine


Welcome to my blog at New Growth through Change. In considering a name, my hope was to represent my beliefs, both personal and professional, about the journey of therapy, and life in general. As a part time therapist and full time mom and wife, those beliefs have changed as I have changed. And I’m constantly reminded, that as long as we are alive, there will be more to learn.

As the main image on my page reveals, new growth – a small sapling – can materialize and thrive in the most challenging of situations. Sometimes the most difficult of changes bring about the most beautiful results. Professionally, I have been privileged to witness this in women, men and children I have worked with since my first job at a homeless shelter in Philadelphia in the 1990s. And my hardest won personal gains – continually developing in adulthood as well as becoming a mom, and even cycling 300+ miles in one day – these are the very processes that remind me that change is worth it.

You’ll notice some aspect of nature in the images within my site. Yes, I do love trees. More than that, I think they symbolize the strength of character that comes through both enjoying the sunshine as well as weathering the storms. The changes that will be constant for every living being.

So, I invite you to consider how change, especially the most difficult ones, have made you who you are. Whether or not the changes brought about material or professional success, those changes have impacted your life. Perhaps, and what I began to learn from some of my first clients in North Philadelphia, change has helped you feel more empathetic towards others dealing with the very same thing, change.